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OMDis was established to enable economic diversification in Oranjemund.

The goal is to safeguard the Town’s economic future beyond mining. The OMDis Business Forum has been created to share information and opportunities, as well as, work together to promote business development in Oranjemund.


The forum’s main and ancillary objectives are:

  • Act as a voice for and represent the views and opinions of the members
  • Ensure that the views of local businesses are taken into account when any Agency, Government, Council or any other is reviewing policy, legislation or simply seeking the views of the wider business community
  • Foster, promote and facilitate an environment in which local business can interact and work together in collaboration for mutual benefit.
  • Provide meetings and events that will provide professional development and networking opportunities for members and others.
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Unite all local businesses so that they can speak with one voice.


Play a leading role in creating an environment where members of OBF’s businesses and other small local businesses can strive including taking the lead in the creating new business opportunities in the and the region that will lead to socio-economic benefits for the local communities.

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How can your business join?

  • To register at OBF, please fill in this form. Available for download Here
  • Once you have attained the business joining form, complete and sign it, and send it per email to
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News & Announcements

Through our news and announcements, we hope to keep you engaged yet inspired as we share Oranjemunds transform journey with you.


Ambrosius Amutenya Primary School’s (AAPS) Agriculture school project under the name Project Pamwe (“together” in Herero) is back and breaking...
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OMDis shining a new light on Oranjemund’s Tourism

The iconic National Geographic yellow frame can be found at the edge of our picturesque Orange River mouth.
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OMDis supports Futree Community Garden

Situated on the northern edge of Oranjemund, Frutee Community Garden Project, is an exemplary community project that plays an important...
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Oranjemund’s agriculture project thrives

OMDis Town Transform Agency “OMDis” was established in August of 2019 as an S21 Company by NAMDEB Diamond Corporation with...
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Oranjemund’s museum, Jasper House, gets a revamp.

A town like Oranjemund, situated in the renowned Sperrgebiet and with all its rich history and secluded ambiance, has an...
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Pitching for recovery with SMEs Compete and OMDis

The Pitching for Recovery (P4R) programme is conceptualized by SMEs Compete and enabled by the support of GIZ. It is...
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