Diversification of a remote, single industry-led town does not happen organically.

OMDis Town Transform Agency (“OMDis”) is a Section 21 Company, or Special Purpose Vehicle. Its sole purpose is to proactively accelerate Town Transformation – the economic diversification of Oranjemund – to ensure the town’s sustainability by 2030 and beyond.

It serves this purpose alongside the efforts of other Town Transformation
stakeholders. OMDis’ focus areas are:

  • Support existing businesses to become more sustainable
  • Develop new SMEs and a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Create new large industry platforms that can support the economy alongside or instead of mining

Governed by a Board, OMDis’ small team of business developers is led by a General Manger. The team’s core activities include: Economic research, industry and business case development, funding and investment facilitation, SME development and business skills and entrepreneurship training.

Town Transformation

There is a critical juncture where goals converge with opportunity to achieve the highest ambitions. This is the inspirational moment when vision, competence and passion can combine to set a trajectory for the extraordinary.

Our Vision

To, alongside other accountable town partners, ensure an economically self-sustainable Oranjemund by 2030, irrespective of the future of mining.

Our Mission

Actively and with urgency accelerate Oranjemunds economic development.

Our Values

Integrity, transparancy, efficiency, passion

Oranjemund Aerial-view

What are we working on currently? Well, firstly, we are talking with all the businesses in town to introduce ourselves and understand the economic landscape better. We are engaging with every single Ministry and the regional offices whose mandate intersects with ours, to help carve out opportunities, obtain guidance and hopefully funding for projects. We are partnering with SME Compete to provide business acumen training and registration assistance to existing SMEs and entrepreneurs in Oranjemund. As part of marketing Oranjemund, we have partnered with Tribefire Media in Windhoek to tell the story of Oranjemund, its remarkable people and the transformation activities. And we have already or are in the process of supporting eight (8) existing and new SMEs in town. Of course, not every dream is a viable business reality, but the opportunities and projects are as many as the day is long.

Now, to come back to those things that were provided to Oranjemunders free of charge in the “good old days”. Whilst things continue to change, there is no reason why an entrepreneur could not start delivering food to homes, active citizens can once again emerge as sporting heroes, and producing food locally can once again be a sustainable enterprise for Oranjemund. This, and much more is possible. Citizens and local businesses have the opportunity to build their futures here. And rest assured, OMDis is on this journey with you.

If you have any queries, contact, or come see us at our offices next to Spar.


Catching up with OMDis

Oranjemund in the spotlight

Explorer Kate Leeming sets out to make the first bicycle journey down Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. Kate’s thousand-mile journey sees her enduring some of the most inhospitable conditions on the planet, in one of Africa’s most remote and spectacular locations. She ends her journey in Oranjemund, where her story lingers for a while on this unique town and what it offers. The series is now showing on Outside TV, its market is mainly USA and Australia. Sponsored by OMDis.

OMDis supports Futree Community Garden

Situated on the northern edge of Oranjemund, Frutee Community Garden Project, is an exemplary community project that plays an important role in food security and self-sufficiency.

Oranjemund’s agriculture project thrives

OMDis Town Transform Agency “OMDis” was established in August of 2019 as an S21 Company by NAMDEB Diamond Corporation with the sole purpose of proactively accelerating the diversification of the Oranjemund economy, alongside the efforts of other town stakeholders. The goal of the agency is to transform the Town’s economic future beyond mining.

StartUp Namibia holds Makerthon training and competition in Oranjemund

Basecamp the StartUp Incubation and Innovation Centre of StartUp Namibia, alongside OMDis Town Transform Agency hosted a Makerthon in Oranjemund from 9 – 11 November 2020.

Oranjemund and OMDis at the Namibia Tourism Expo 4-7 November 2020

Namibia was hit hard in 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic, as was the rest of the world. One of the industries that came under severe pressure was Tourism, one of the mainstay’s of Namibia’s economy. It was no surprise then that, despite restrictions and a financial hole in most businesses’ pockets, it was decided to proceed with the Namibia Tourism Expo.

OMDis ChangeMaker media Campaign with Tribefire Studios

Oranjemund has been a mystery for many years, everyone knows about it but very few have seen it. This was mainly due to the town be a restricted area, an accessory works built in 1936 to service the diamond mining industry. As such, only people working for the mine could live there, and visits from friends and family were strictly controlled. Today, after 84 years, Oranjemund is a much-changed town.

OMDis visits Sonop Farms to discuss agriculture potential for Oranjemund

Fruitful discussion was held at Sonop Farms regarding their operations along the north bank road at Noordoewer. Topics covered included Sonop’s operations and business model, legalities around agriculture on state owned land,

News & Announcements

Through our news and announcements, we hope to keep you engaged yet inspired as we share Oranjemunds transform journey with you.

Joint SME development project kicks off in Oranjemund

OMDis Town Transform Agency, Uconomy Namibia and Nedbank Namibia this week announced a collaboration that will boost the SME development...
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ART CAN TRANSFORM Project kicks off at Ambrosius Amutenya Primary School (AAPS) in Oranjemund.

Windhoek based artist Nicky Marais and Oranjemund based artist Aurelia Sieberhagen was contracted by OMDis to coordinate a school mural...
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OMDis open up SMEs Centre on their premises

On Thursday, 19 August 2021, OMDis officially opened up the new SMEs Centre in Oranjemund, located at the OMDis Offices...
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Benches donated and installed at the East Gate Courtyard

Three wooden picnic benches have been built by a local carpenter as part of the support local businesses initiative. East...
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Property Development project kicks off in Oranjemund

On the 10th of August a team of town planners, architects and engineers from the AIJ consortium had an inception...
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Agricultural Project Pamwe doing big things

Mara Beukes, the principal of Ambrosius Amutenya Primary School in Oranjemund, says their school prides itself on its school garden....
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