Town Transformation

In the life-cycle of towns an event, or the absence thereof, can cause a threat to the future sustainability of the town.

In the case of mining towns, especially mine-managed towns such as Oranjemund, business activities can create a critical reliance between the mine and a town or its community.

Critical reliance means that when the mine materially closes, the community’s social and socio-economic structures, and in particularly its economic livelihood, are at risk of collapse, which challenges the town’s reason for existence post mining.

Town Transformation is therefore a specialised programme, directed by one or several town stakeholders, targeted at severing this critical dependency in a responsible manner to ensure a stable, sustainable town post mine closure, albeit at different levels of socio-economic or economic activity.

The main objective is specifically to diversify the town’s economy alongside a single, reliant industry before a sudden shock occurs. Such transformations take on average 15 years to achieve.


Oranjemund Transform

A Town Transformation programme was launched in Oranjemund in 2014 between the local mine, the town council and the community.

A vision for a future sustainable town by 2030 was co-created amongst all affected parties, including the community. The objectives of the programme are threefold:

  • Transfer town management from the mine to the town’s council and privatise property ownership
  • Transition socio-economic services such as education and healthcare into a normalised state
  • Transform the economy by diversifying its composition through new industries and SME development

News & Announcements

Through our news and announcements, we hope to keep you engaged yet inspired as we share Oranjemunds transform journey with you.


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OMDis shining a new light on Oranjemund’s Tourism

The iconic National Geographic yellow frame can be found at the edge of our picturesque Orange River mouth.
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Oranjemund’s museum, Jasper House, gets a revamp.

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Pitching for recovery with SMEs Compete and OMDis

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