OCN 4th Edition – Town Transformation extract

31 July 2020

Oranjemund has been a diamond mining town since 1936. At the height of diamond production life was extremely good to employees, who also happened to be the only residents. For decades life was good beyond what most people can dream of. In the last 30 years, the mine has steadily produced less diamonds, and increasingly outsourced services – the beginning of what was relatively slow change. State owned enterprises and Government offices set up shop. Private owned businesses came into being, serving mostly the functions that the mine had outsourced. People other than mine employees began living in town. The town was proclaimed, a local authority was established and eventually the town did open up, triggering both fear and excitement amongst residents. Slowly but steady, vitally important sustainable changes set in. We are now at the precipice of the next 10 years of change, and it is going to be fast paced and very tricky. We have to diversify the economy of the town in order for Oranjemund to have a future beyond mining. We call it Town Transformation, and OMDis Town Transformation Agency was formed to accelerate this process. We are a Section 21 company, non-profit, and exclusively have a business-in-Oranjemund focus. In 10 years’ time, other large industries, like agriculture and tourism, should be operational in town. Private property ownership should have increased exponentially, SMEs should be less dependent on the mine and service other industries and residents profitably. It takes 15 years to transform a town, and we are fortunate that we can start this process while mining is still active. It will take residents, business community, local & National Government to make sure this happens for Oranjemund.

– Ronel van der Merwe

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News & Announcements

Through our news and announcements, we hope to keep you engaged yet inspired as we share Oranjemunds transform journey with you.

Joint SME development project kicks off in Oranjemund

OMDis Town Transform Agency, Uconomy Namibia and Nedbank Namibia this week announced a collaboration that will boost the SME development...
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ART CAN TRANSFORM Project kicks off at Ambrosius Amutenya Primary School (AAPS) in Oranjemund.

Windhoek based artist Nicky Marais and Oranjemund based artist Aurelia Sieberhagen was contracted by OMDis to coordinate a school mural...
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OMDis open up SMEs Centre on their premises

On Thursday, 19 August 2021, OMDis officially opened up the new SMEs Centre in Oranjemund, located at the OMDis Offices...
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Benches donated and installed at the East Gate Courtyard

Three wooden picnic benches have been built by a local carpenter as part of the support local businesses initiative. East...
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Property Development project kicks off in Oranjemund

On the 10th of August a team of town planners, architects and engineers from the AIJ consortium had an inception...
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Agricultural Project Pamwe doing big things

Mara Beukes, the principal of Ambrosius Amutenya Primary School in Oranjemund, says their school prides itself on its school garden....
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