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29 May 2020

Winter is Coming

Namibia is typically known for its hot and sunny weather. This is a bit different for Oranjemunders. We are no strangers to chilly mornings and even chillier evenings, or overcast days.

In the evening, the temperatures can get quite cold, but never quite as cold as the bitter winters of other places. The temperatures in Oranjemund are cool enough to justify a lovely braai at the beach, and nothing makes winter more enjoyable than sitting around a warm fire and sharing stories with your loved ones.

Keeping key areas warm can prevent illnesses like the flu and cold to prevail. Keeping your chest, feet, and head warm are preventative measures we often overlook. Also, keeping yourself warm by consuming warm food and drinks is an affordable way to protect yourself from the impending cold.

Oranjemund homes weren’t built with the best internal heating systems; therefore, citizens need to be intentional about fighting off the cold. Investing in multiple pairs of warm socks, gloves, and beanies is a great way to keep the family warm.

Being outside may be the last thing you want to do, especially now with the current COVID-19 situation, but exercising is a friend at this time. Going for a walk or run keeps the body working at its highest potential, keeps your mood up, and makes the winters bearable.

– Mumbi Kasumba


Introducing OMDis

OMDis Town Transformation Agency was formed in 2019, after 5 years of research, stakeholder engagement and testing projects: an independent Special Purpose Vehicle, free to focus on business and economic development opportunities for Oranjemund. The goal of OMDis is to safeguard the Town’s economic future beyond mining. The objectives is to:

  • Support existing businesses to become more sustainable.
  • Develop new SMEs and entrepreneurs.
  • Create new large industry platforms that can support the economy alongside or instead of mining.

We believe strongly that the three prong approach is they layers of interventions required to strengthen and diversify Oranjemund’s economy. OMDis is not Namdeb, or OTC, or OMD2030, and it in no way replaces these entities’ roles in Oranjemund. These are all partners alongside which OMDis will work to ensure a future for Oranjemund. OMDis is a Section 21 company whose business it is to help business flourish in Oranjemund! OMDis received seed funding from Namdeb, has just appointed staff, opened our doors, and are already working hard on these objectives. If we fulfil our mandate, by 2030 there should be two (2) large industries established, thirty (30) more stable SM Es in place, and a thousand (1000) new job opportunities, amongst many other objectives. It is important to note we have the advantage of diversifying Oranjemund’s economy while there still is a large industry (mining) active in town. It gives us an edge, support and space to work in while we tackle the next 10 years of change.

OMDis is still a fledgling organization, but already it is engaging with potential partners in the agriculture and tourism industry, providing training by SME Compete for all existing and new SMEs, and supporting new businesses to start-up.

If you have any queries, contact meameno@omdis.co, or come see us at our offices next to Spar.

– Ronel van der Merwe

Article sourced from Oranjemund Community Newsletter

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