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Oranjemund has been a mystery for many years, everyone knows about it but very few have seen it. This was mainly due to the town be a restricted area, an accessory works built in 1936 to service the diamond mining industry. As such, only people working for the mine could live there, and visits from friends and family were strictly controlled. Today, after 84 years, Oranjemund is a much-changed town.

Mining for Opportunities

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LIKE many towns scattered across the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Oranjemund owes its existence to mining. But when mining ends, many towns cease to exist and the local economy developed to serve mine employees and their families, grinds to a halt.

Oranjemund Articles

Welcome to Oranjemund

Namibia is typically known for its hot and sunny weather. This is a bit different for Oranjemunders. We are no strangers to chilly mornings and even chillier evenings, or overcast days.

Covid-19 and the start of a tailoring collective.


Part of OMDis’ mandate is to assist existing businesses to reach their full potential. OMDis partnered with Namdeb to empower the local tailor industry to produce 7000 masks for the Namdeb employees and their families.

FlyWestair Destinations: Oranjemund in Five Words


In terms of tourism Oranjemund in the south-western corner of Namibia is a rough diamond (pun intended). The quaint little mining town has been open to the general public for just over two years and its development potential is enormous